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Anonymous asked: hi! i'd just like to know if you know or maybe work with people based in Paris ? im really interested in modelling! I love your blog btw x

Heya Anon! 
Ahh Paris? :D I wish I could say I knew loads of people from Paris, but to be honest, I don’t know many people there at all! I’ve worked with Gisele who is over in Paris now with Evidence Models & my good friend Ingrid who is going over after a stint in Singapore & she’s with Marilyn. I’ve also heard good things about Oui Management :) When in doubt I always consult & I’ve been slowly navigating my way around the bigger agencies all across the world coz I’m getting world-wide anons like this! They suggest that 20 of the world’s top tier agencies are in Paris! If you’d like me to look into them in more depth, I’d love to! Send me your digis, height & measurements to & I’ll do my best to help you out! Remember Paris also has really big agencies like IMG, Elite, Ford & Next :)

This is Gisele [Evidence Paris & Busy Models] for C-Heads.

This is Helena [ helxnx ] @ Viviens.To all those people I’ve been asking to email me I’m SO sorry! I’m not receiving all the emails that have been sent to it! Please try instead! xx

This is Helena [ helxnx ] @ Viviens.
To all those people I’ve been asking to email me I’m SO sorry! I’m not receiving all the emails that have been sent to it! Please try instead! xx

my-dirty-secretsss asked: Would you like to check out my blog ? :) Love yours ♥

Your blog is real cool - there are some SWEET photos on there & it feels very personal & really fashion oriented ♥


This is Elke @ Asha for Ringuet.

Anonymous asked: Hi im 13 years old and im intersted in modeling, but im only 5ft 7in, is that tall enough for my age? Ive also done one modeling job before, but they didnt end up using everyones pix(including mind)....

Hey sweetie :D 
Most agencies take models on to develop them from 13 & 5’7” so you’re right on par :) Message me off anon & let me know where you’re based & I can point you in the direction of an agency that can train you well :) xx

The first time I shot with Suzy Wootton from Asha Models she was 13. She’s now 15, done a few look books, several campaigns & walked in MBFWA [Sydney Fashion Week]. She’s also been confirmed with an agency in New York & is set to walk at NYFW in September for her fav designer - I can’t tell you who it is just yet though. Of the 8 kids I shot that day, I picked her out of the crowd & said she was gonna be a star; I couldn’t be more proud of where she is positioned at the moment!!

club-fairy asked: ive been into photography for a long time and ive decided to take it a little more seriously just by starting a blog and such, i am taking test photos in the city of sydney, australia this week. Everything is basically sorted except for my model's clothing, what do you think they should wear? thank you much xxx

Hi Alyssa :)
Thanks so much for the question babe! How exciting that you’re starting to test properly! When I first started out, I would bring a few things along if I had an idea in my head for the model & then I’d raid their wardrobe for the missing pieces. As I started shooting more I felt like I was overusing my own clothes & resources to borrow, so I began to only use what the model had to mix it up. I guess it depends how young they are [if they will have enough clothes for the amount of looks you want] & what sources you have! I was lucky enough to have worked in fashion retail as a visual merchandiser for a few years before I really started delving into fashion photography so I guess I found it easy to make the jump onto the models themselves. My one pet hate is SHOES! Unless they’re the coolest things EVER I try to keep it simple with converse, boots, cute flats or sometimes wedges. I guess I can be pretty unconventional, but it seems to work! Honestly, I’d get the models to bring all their favourite pieces & all their basics - that way you can help them choose! xx 

This is Jana Kruger wearing some Zipporra pieces I got sent from Sydney :) Don’t be scared to email people & ask to borrow some bits - the worst they can do is say no & you’ll probably get a lot of yes answers too!

Anonymous asked: Would you ever use one of your followers on tumblr for a photo shoot?

Come off Anon or email me at & we can line something up :) x

This is Sam Kruger aka moonchiilld :) 

Anonymous asked: Hello! First of all, I adore your photography! Second, how did you get started in photography? I love photography, and started taking pictures and putting them on tumblr/instagram about a year ago. But I gain followers so slowly. It feels like all the photos I take are just useless and no one cares. I don't even have models to take photos of :(

Ahh Anon - thank you! 
I actually got started in photography by photographing bands/music. It took me a while to figure out that there wasn’t enough money in that to make a living which kind of disappointed me, so I started doing some fashion too. I had a full time job until half way through last year & freelanced on the side. From then until the start of this month I’d been solely freelancing. I’m not gonna lie - I’ve had tumblr since September 2011 & until a month or so ago I had more posts than followers on tumblr. I’ve found my instagram grows pretty steadily though - but it hasn’t really boomed :) Good luck lovely - if you’d like me to check out your blog hop off anon & send me another message also let me know where you’re based & I’ll let you know what I think & try & help you out :D x

This is Jess [ theycantdefineus ] @ Tamblyns.

Anonymous asked: weird question, but how are all your models sooo skinny? really do they all eat so healthy or what haha. so jealous !

Aww Anon! 
I try to make the models look as best I can. I know what angels tend to work for different body shapes so I stick to those! All the models I shoot are very healthy people - I promise! I wouldn’t book them in on shoots if I didn’t think they were. I tend to shoot a lot of really young models who are still growing & have athletic builds. If I think something makes them look too thin, then I won’t post it, or if I feel like a model is far too skinny I will talk to their agent & not post their photos - this hasn’t happened before to me though :) I get a bit jealous of them myself haha! 

This is Iris @ Busy & Viviens for Ringuet

Flawless fresh face Helena [ helxnx ] @ Viviens.

Flawless fresh face Helena [ helxnx ] @ Viviens.

bashedbybass-chockedbytreble asked: hey i love your photography so much and i was wandering if you could maybe have a look at my blog just too see if mine are alright its ok if you dont just wateva thanks xx

Hey Max! 
Thanks so much for the message :) I think you’re shots are great - they’re raw & genuine & that’s not something that can be taught. The composition is really interesting & every one is brought to life by something. However your page is a little hard to navigate - I tried to open the photos in a new tab to like them & it just directed me off the page which is maybe why you’re not getting as many hits as you should/could be :) Any of my followers looking for a cool B&W/Personal blog to follow, you should check this out :)
This is Jess Mitchell @ Viviens for Like A Lion Magazine.

Anonymous asked: Love your pics, very talented!!! xx When are you coming to LA? I think I'm model-material. I'm a teen male, 5'10 and have a really photogenic face! I live in LA and hope when you come down here we can meet up for a shoot xx

Heya Anon!
I’m hoping to make it there mid-August, I’ll make sure I keep everyone up to date! Sounds like you’ve already given modelling some thought, I would love to do a shoot with you when I get to LA! Flick me an email when it’s close to the time I’m leaving & we’ll sort out a date etc :)

Here’s another photo of Jack Truelove @ Tamblyns for your viewing pleasure.

Anonymous asked: i wish i was at easterfest :(((( its like in my town and everything but so expensive

There are so many good bands & bands I haven’t seen in years! The band I’m most bummed about missing is New Empire because it’s the release show for their new album & I feel like I’ve been with them since the start. I met them 6 years ago at Easterfest & I kind of feel like we’ve grown up together because of it. The guys are only a few years older than me, so it’s like our formulative adult years have been walked side by side & we’ve helped each other through tough times & happy times both. I’m so proud of those guys & the influence I can see them having on so many people’s lives now - this is just the beginning for them! xx

This is New Empire opening for Simple Plan at the Tivoli back in 2011.