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Anonymous asked: Love your pics, very talented!!! xx When are you coming to LA? I think I'm model-material. I'm a teen male, 5'10 and have a really photogenic face! I live in LA and hope when you come down here we can meet up for a shoot xx

Heya Anon!
I’m hoping to make it there mid-August, I’ll make sure I keep everyone up to date! Sounds like you’ve already given modelling some thought, I would love to do a shoot with you when I get to LA! Flick me an email when it’s close to the time I’m leaving & we’ll sort out a date etc :)

Here’s another photo of Jack Truelove @ Tamblyns for your viewing pleasure.

Anonymous asked: i wish i was at easterfest :(((( its like in my town and everything but so expensive

There are so many good bands & bands I haven’t seen in years! The band I’m most bummed about missing is New Empire because it’s the release show for their new album & I feel like I’ve been with them since the start. I met them 6 years ago at Easterfest & I kind of feel like we’ve grown up together because of it. The guys are only a few years older than me, so it’s like our formulative adult years have been walked side by side & we’ve helped each other through tough times & happy times both. I’m so proud of those guys & the influence I can see them having on so many people’s lives now - this is just the beginning for them! xx

This is New Empire opening for Simple Plan at the Tivoli back in 2011.

Anonymous asked: Hey Yaz :) So my friends are always telling me that I should be a model and everything, I'm 5'8 and about a size 8. I'm just trying to clear up my skin before I apply anywhere but I was wondering if you knew of any places on the Gold Coast or Brisbane? I love your work! xx

Hey Anon :D 
I know loads of places, but it very much depends on your look & features who might suit you best! When you’re feeling comfortable with your skin, i’d love to test with you & once I’ve seen what you can do, it’ll be easier to send you in the direction of an agency that really suits you well :) Shoot me an email at with some pictures  & your measurements & I’ll see what I can do :D I hope you’re having a wonderful Easter weekend xx

To be honest - I’m totally bummed I’m not at a festival this weekend! Easter always has the best ones *sigh* x

Have you ever met a perfect human? I have. This is Elke Kahler @ Asha.I’m jealous coz she jets off to LA for a holiday on Monday. Digis: Love Yaz.

Have you ever met a perfect human? I have. This is Elke Kahler @ Asha.
I’m jealous coz she jets off to LA for a holiday on Monday. Digis: Love Yaz.

Post #600. Here’s Nick Truelove @ Tamblyns to celebrate :D 

Post #600. Here’s Nick Truelove @ Tamblyns to celebrate :D 

British Rock feat. Daisy [unsigned] by Love Yaz.

British Rock feat. Daisy [unsigned] by Love Yaz.

Show us your stripes: Harriet @ Que by Love Yaz.

Show us your stripes: Harriet @ Que by Love Yaz.

houdinia asked: I have scoliosis too! (25 degrees) and i wear a corsé (idk whats the name in english sorry hahah) everynight,and actually only my family notices it x

Do you know what, I think more people have scoliosis than everyone realises! There’s so many different reasons people develop it too, so you really never know! I actually never went to the doctor about mine, so I was never measured to know how many degrees I was out, but I totally wish I was. I never wore a brace or anything though, I guess I just developed a really high pain threshold in my back. I could never even feel knots in it & when I first went to the physio, they fully said it looked like I’d never had a massage in my entire life (I was 21 at the time), so it couldn’t have been good. From memory feeling down my spine & looking at photos of other peoples x-rays, I think I would have had about a 30 degree kick at my shoulder blades, it was literally like you could have picked up 5 vertebrae and placed them an inch or so to the right of my back & the dancer kick at the base of my spine which would have been more of a 45 degree one - that was much worse, but the one at my shoulder blades was much more painful! I hope your treatment is going well lovely!! <3 x
This is Jana @ Asha/Pricilla’s wearing Zipporra. x

Anonymous asked: Hey, my scoliosis is 45 degrees and I have like rib rotation so it is noticeable. I really want to go for it but I'm so afraid of what they'll say to me.

Golly, that’s pretty hectic! 
Where abouts are you based? Please feel free to come off anon! I’d love to talk to you one on one & see how I can help you :D Both these things are so important to me & have really helped to shape me into who I am! I really think you should give it a go, it might be hard & you might get knocked back a few times, but someone will see your potential & how you could be a huge inspiration & give you a chance! 

These two beautiful souls are Jana & Sam Kruger @ Asha wearing Ringuet.

Anonymous asked: Im 5'11 I'm always told that I should model. But I have scoliosis and I'm really not sure if I could model because of it. What do you think?

ANON! This is an amazing question! 
I think it would really depend how severe your scoliosis is & where the curves are. You are a perfect height for runway, so it would be a shame for you not to have the opportunity! I don’t think it would be too bad for editorial photo shoots, but look books could be a huge challenge if your posture is being thrown out. If you want to send me a message & more info off anon I would LOVE to help you! Scoliosis can be super painful & I know all about it first hand <3 xxx

My friend Juanita took this shot of me at sunset yesterday. To all those suffering with scoliosis, there is hope! Don’t let it ruin you. I am totally healed and I believe you can be too without going through painful surgery!

Anonymous asked: I'm 17 and around 161cm tall, is that too short to be a model? Even if it's just for one photo shoot?

Hi Anon!
It may be a little short to do modelling full time, but it’s definitely not too short to do a few fun shoots! There are lots of bloggers around that height & look how successful they can be :) If you’d like to book in a shoot, email me at & we can line something up! xx

This is Jess O’Hanlon @ Tamblyns.

Goodnight Friday! Here&#8217;s Tennessee @ Tamblyns [by Love Yaz] to get you through your weekend :) xx

Goodnight Friday! Here’s Tennessee @ Tamblyns [by Love Yaz] to get you through your weekend :) xx